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Knee Pain and Problems

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Harmful Cause #1: Cellular Inflammation

According to The Mayo Clinic, inflammation is one of the leading causes of joint pain in adults over 45. 

In fact, some of the most common symptoms of aging such as aches, pains and fatigue are all caused by inflammation… 

Knee Pain and Problems

Did you catch that? 

The inflammation inside your joint is causing much of the suffering you are experiencing on a daily basis. Waking up in the morning with stiff, achy joints. Trying to chase your grandkids but unable to keep up because of your “old knees”. Living your life constantly wishing your knees would just stop throbbing. 

Inflammation is at the root of the pain you are feeling right now. 

But that’s not all. Let’s talk about the second Harmful Cause: Postural Misalignment.

Harmful Cause #2: Postural Misalignment

You may not even realize it but how you stand, walk and even sit can cause havoc on your knees. It’s the “silent killer” you don’t even know is hurting you. 

Knee Pain and Problems

According to Dr’s Tetsworth and Paley in a ground-breaking 2004 study, they found that even a 5% misalignment of your knee can cause a 70-90% increase in added stress inside the joint. 

They revealed, “This dramatic increase in load creates a four-fold increase in the risk of worsening the knee over 18 months”. 

Yes, you heard that correctly. 

Even just a small misalignment of only 5% can create long-term harmful effects inside your knee and lead to osteoarthritis and other debilitating knee problems. 

If you are overweight, this only increases the rate at which your joints break down. Thankfully, this easy 5 minute ritual helps quickly realign your entire body (including your knees) so you don’t ever have to worry about misaglinment destroying your knees. The best part is that it works, even if you are 30, 50 or even 100lbs overweight. 

But before we get to this simple ritual, we have one more evil member of the “Joint Pain Triad’…. 

Harmful Cause #3: Cartilage Deterioration

Renowned Dr. Chris Centeno M.D., a specialist in regenerative medicine, states that joint instability is one of the leading causes of cartilage breakdown

If you are experiencing sudden “shifting, popping or cracking” or “soreness or swelling after activity”, according to Dr. Centeno, you might have low cartilage in your joint. 

Knee Pain and Problems

Knee Pain and Problems

Often times, cartilage breakdown is due to a common condition called “loose joints“. 

Imagine your knee as if it was being held together by “duct tape”. If the duct tape is loose then the knee moves around too much and slowly injures the cartilage over time. 

Can Joint Pain Lead to Disability & Even Death? 

A recently released 76-page authoritative study shocked the medical community and sent chills throughout the industry…

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) reported that joint pain and arthritis is now “One Of The Top Chronic Conditions Leading To Death And Disability.”

Yes, the problem is THAT serious. 

Even if you are just experiencing a little bit of pain or swelling or stiffness. That small pain is ballooning into a big problem that will soon pop and… decrease the quality of your life and force you to live with unnecessary pain. 

There are many harmful effects knee pain has on your body and your life. 

Here are just a few…

The Harmful Effects Knee Pain Is Having On Your Body and Life

  • Trouble walking
  • Aching, Swollen, and Pulsing Knees
  • ​Inflamed Knee Joint Pain
  • ​Constantly Having To Take Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • ​Moving in Pain
  • Overweight Due To Pain
  • ​Low Energy Levels
  • ​Feeling Older and Immobile

What BIG Pharma and Hospitals Do NOT Want You To Know About Your Knee Pain

A few years ago, the popular publication “The New Yorker” blew the whistle on big companies such as Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and Endo Pharmaceuticals because of their aggressive marketing tactics for pain pills. 

These companies promoted their drugs to doctors across the U.S. through publications and even continued education courses needed by medical professionals. 

Why do you think so many doctors prescribe NSAIDs and other “anti-pain” drugs to manage knee pain? 

Why not simply fix the core issues caused by the “The Knee Pain Triad“?

The doctors have been influenced by the big pharacuetical companies. It’s the way the medical establishment has worked for decades. They rake in billions while you suffer with pain the rest of your life. Popping pills in the hope for even minor relief. And what’s worse, is they get an even bigger pay day when you eventually need surgery for a knee replacement.

They make money BECAUSE of your pain. The more pain, the more money they make.

Knee joint pain alone costs hard working people more than 27 billion dollars a year.

That’s 27 billion dollars going to the healthcare industry from pockets of people just like you.

It’s a big, big business.

However, what if there was a way to fight back against knee joint pain and possibly avoid surgery in the first place — or avoid ANOTHER surgery?

What if there was a way to decrease your pain and inflammation… enjoying pain-free movement?

Well there is…

National Institute of Health Exposes Secret Exercise To Decreasing Knee Pain by 58%

According to research from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health… 

There is a simple exercise that can decrease your knee pain by 58%.

The purpose of this study was to monitor the pain relief of the knee resulting from isometric quadriceps exercise in patients with knee joint pain…

The participants in the study did one simple isometric exercise a few times a week and saw a huge reduction of pain. The results were amazing… no pill-popping, no knee surgeries, just a simple easy-to-do exercise, anyone can do. 

And… we’ll get to that specific exercise very soon…

But first…

What are Isometric exercises?

Isometric exercises are a simple, effective and easy exercise where you increase the tension in the muscles without moving your joints.

It gives your body the ability to use its muscles without ever moving… and allows your knees to release your painfor good. 

Is this the real deal?

Shocking University Study PROVES Anti-Inflammatory Drugs LESS Effective Than Simple 5 Minute 1,000 Year Old Exercise!

Renowned Western Ontario and McMaster Universities revealed in a revoluationary study that a simple form of isometric exercise worked signifcantly betterfor reducing and even eliminating knee pain. 

This isometric exercise successfully outperformed the drugs and pills… in both pain relief and knee joint function.

This unique1,000 year old isometric exercise is easy to perform, painless and can drastically heal your knee joint faster than anything you’ve tried so far. 

What’s the secret behind isometrics? Why does it work so well?

You’re about to discover the secret behind the ritual I call “Knee Relief Secrets”. This is the secret sauce behind how this unique form of exercise has been proven to reduce and eliminate knee pain WITHOUT causing more damage to the joint like other popular exercises being performed today. 

But before I share these “Relief Secrets” you may be wondering… “Todd,I’ve tried exercising before. I can’t do it. It causes too much pain.” 

Imagine your achy, painful knee joint as a rubber band. This rubber band is tattered and weak. What would happen if you were to stretch that rubber band? It increases the chances that it would snap, right? Not to mention you’d be weakening it further.

When you have pain in your knee and you exercise using “normal” exercises… you feel more knee pain because you are stretching that weak rubber band. The result? More inflammation and cartilage damage because you are aggravating your knee. Your brain is sensing the pain so it tells your body to produce more inflammation to protect that area. It’s an endless cycle and your knee never heals properly. 

With this unique isometric exercise, the weak rubber band (your knee) doesn’t actually move. You are building a strong, healthy knee without causing more inflammation or aggravation.

This 5 Minute Isometric Ritual uses your body to repair itself rather than hiding the problem with foreign drugs…

Getting Rid Of Knee Pain Can Be Easy, Fast, And Done At Home Without Any Equipment Using The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method

Knee Pain and Problems

Learn How You Can Cut Your Knee Pain In Half In The Next 5 Minutes WITHOUT Harmful Drugs Or Invasive Surgeries… 

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